Why does my boyfriend not want anything sexual from me anymore?

It's coming up to 9 months of being with my bf and we started doing stuff like handjobs, blowjobs etc 3 months in and he was so into it (we'd end up doing something everytime we saw each other, he ended up having a bj a day for 4 days before he went away on holiday) and we'd always be all over each other. The past month I hadn't done stuff for him but he had for me, he thought it was only benefiting me and unfair.

Three weeks ago we were about to have sex for the first time but we couldn't because I had an appointment and afterwards he wasn't feeling it/mood had gone - I hate how we can only do stuff when he's feeling it and I feel it's kind of selfish.

The next three weeks would be like normal hanging out and then getting excited to see each other at the weekend but we suddenly stopped doing stuff and end up fighting or having the talk where we would consider breaking up but it would never happen.

The last time we fought was because I didn't know what was up with him. We were perfectly fine and it felt like how it was at the start, no problems but he didn't want to do stuff? It's like he's not into it anymore. Is it me? Do I not make him feel excited anymore? Getting boring maybe?

I went back to his the other day after we had been out and we'd had such a good time where I think we both felt we had sorted things out finally. It was normal again such as kissing with legs wrapped around etc but after dry humping he wouldn't do anything else (I know it can be sore for the guys but he initiated it and wanted that) why would he choose that when there are already handjobs or blowjobs on offer?
When I asked him why he didn't want to do anything lately he said because family were in the house even though that's never stopped him before, after realizing it was a poor excuse he then said it was just "bad timing" what does this mean?

Does the problem lie with it being me or him and is there a way I can fix this and get him back to being as horny as before?
Why does my boyfriend not want anything sexual from me anymore?
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