Why does my best guy friend suddenly want to cuddle, put his arm around me, hold my hand in between his and call me sweetie?

He has a girlfriend and we are supposedly just friends. He doesn't act like this with any other girls. He told me last summer I was his other favorite person, besides gf.

Is he trying to hit on me or just being a pal? He still sees his gf once a week for sexy time but if he and I are together his eyes are always on me, either staring hard at me or going from my eyes to my mouth to my chest and back again, like he's trying to figure out where to take a first bite, lol! He's always telling me when they have sex and how he's buying condoms, etc. He and I have a stormy relationship and fight a lot. He gave me food he'd made as a peace offering, then told me the gf made it!

He loves to provoke me and I pretend that I'm going to punch him or choke him because he's being annoying on purpose. I think he likes the spark that we have. We basically have staring contests all the time.

We've never kissed but he gets almost nose to nose with me a lot. Yesterday we were on a bus trip and he invited me to sit with him so we could cuddle (a first) and then he put his arm around me. We were making up from our fight and I put my hand on his to ask if we could try to not fight any more and he took my hand in both of his. He also says things like, "yes, darling/dear/sweetie" if I ask him to do something for me, like we're married.

He loves to talk with me about sex, but never about us having sex together, except once he asked me jokingly to be in a three way with him and a guy we know. He has joked about us dating, too. I told him I didn't like him talking about penises all the time so he called me a penis phobe. I said I was actually quite a fan.

I just wonder what he's doing with me, if anything? He says he doesn't understand why I like him and thinks he has nothing unique that I would want from him. I'm not trying to date him but we have strong chemistry and I know we're both really attracted to each other.

Is he just flirting for fun or is he serious?
He's just flirting for fun and doesn't mean anything by it.
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He's seriously flirting and is trying to get physical with me.
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Today he called me sweets and wrote on a paper after where it said date "yes please :)" and pushed it over to me. I said anytime and he said now but we were in class! I was writing a note on his paper and he started nibbling on my hand! It got me so hot I blushed and he said I was all red. Then I got two nice hugs. I whispered in his ear that I'd missed him and he said he'd missed me too. Later I asked him what he was doing and he said "you, well you wish" and I said yeah I do. Finally it's out!
Why does my best guy friend suddenly want to cuddle, put his arm around me, hold my hand in between his and call me sweetie?
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