Poll included - Should I tell my parents?

When I was 12 years old, my Uncle (who wasn't really an Uncle, just a family friend of my grandparents) started to make sexual advances at me.

He never raped me but he felt up my barely-there breasts with my grandma getting changed in other room and he gave me £20. Ever since then I avoided being alone in a room when he's under the same roof as me.
I ended up giving that £20 to my 11 year old cousin as it made me feel so dirty looking at it. I never told anyone inside the family of these incidents, simply because I didn't think they would believe me or they'll call me a liar or say that I mistook it for an accidental touch.

As I said before, I kept my distance from him but my Dad would always ask me to hug and kiss him goodbye and when I refused my Dad would shout at me.

My Uncle died last year from a heart attack he had in middle of night.
I didn't show any remorse or grief over his death.

I am now almost 20 years old and I still keep these memories that haunt me to myself and the only person who knows is my boyfriend. I want to tell my parents, I think my Mum would believe me but once my Dad tells my grandparents chaos will erupt and it's a garautee that he will tell them... He's kind of a Momma's boy.

For those of you who suggest just telling my Mum and ask her to keep it to herself, she won't. Knowing her, she will become so angry and end up telling my Dad anyway of how agitated she is of my grandparents ignorance of my Uncle's nature.

Should I continue to keep this between me and my boyfriend or tell my parents?
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Poll included - Should I tell my parents?
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