Sister saw her best friend blowing me?

So to make a long story short - my sister fell asleep downstairs when her friend was hanging out. I should point out she's known this girl for three years and they consider each other best friends. So her friend came upstairs and after bullshit polite conversation a game of truth or dare got really heated. Clothes were scattered everywhere, and she ended up on her knees, and I finished in her mouth. As I pulled out and we were laughing, we heard a floorboard outside my door creak. My heart pretty much stopped and my sisters friend scrambled to find her clothes. Nothing happened, but after my sisters friend left the room, I didn't hear anything downstairs for about 10 minutes. Then I heard the front door shut. I stayed in my room not knowing what to do. I left a few hours later and my sister was in her room across the hall staring daggers at me. "Really?" She yelled. I didn't know what to do. She ranted for a few minutes about how creepy and wrong it was and how she can never look at me or her friend the same way again and I tried to rationalize it, but she was angrier than I've ever seen her. What do I do? It was all consensual and we are of adult age. She's threatening to tell our parents. Why is she overreacting like this? Is this rational or crazy?
Your sister is right! That's just not okay, it's her best friend!
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Your sister is wrong! You and her friend did nothing wrong!
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Okay everyone who says "It's wrong because you're acting like animals! You are what is wrong with society!" can shut the fuck up. You can't control other people's personal lives. Take your utopian views of conformity and your hopes of the re-emergence of the religious right and stick them up your asshole.
Sister saw her best friend blowing me?
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