Why are girls so grossed out by foot fetishes?

I have a foot fetish. I really like feet. Follow-up phrase. Fourth phrase. This joke is getting redundant.

But anyway, I DO have a foot fetish, I've had one since I was little, but never really attributed it towards girls until I was 13 or so.

And now I really like girls feet. Something is so... right--about them.

A lot of girls are grossed out by this. They think it's weird or it's uncomfortable.

Of the girls I've dated, none of them were really open to the idea. (Which I was fine with by the way. But by the third time it got annoying.)

So why are women so grossed out by foot fetishes? I get that if someone looked at MY toes all the time I would be uncomfortable, but it still doesn't make that much sense.
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OK So I'm asking more of a "Why do so many women look DOWN on people who have foot fetishes?"
Why are girls so grossed out by foot fetishes?
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