Girls Are Becoming Sluttier And Guys Are Encouraging It?

I know i'll get a flack for this but im speaking the truth. Look at Tinder an app created where its used primarily for hook ups and casual sex. I want girls to look to find the love of there life. A life partner one who can respect them and encourage them to value the more important things in life. Im almost 20 and i see girls parading themselves to horny guys. Guys are encouraging this behaviour. Would these guys encourage their mothers to act that way. Their daughters, their sisters to engage in casual sex? i know i wouldn't. Girls are sending nudes more now then ever before and i beg you to ask yourself that same question over again. Sending nudes to guys you flirt with how is that admirable, respectful or indicative of smart young woman. Guys are encouraging you for their own pleasure but would they marry you and raise a child? noo they wouldn't because thats not wifey material. I fear for my generation and i care about us and i want young girls to look up to girls as strong respectful role models. We need to look at our morals both men and woman because generation after generation we are losing them or were trying to rationlize our derogratery acts. We can do better. Young girls 12 to 13 are losing there virginity we hear it on here too. A 13 year old girl asked why her bf doesn't cuddle after they have sex. A 13 year old!! Lets stop turning a blind eye or saying who am i to judge. Where are our morals? these girls are obviously learning from somebody. Nudes are meant for your true loved one and so is sex can we even recognize that as a true statement. Lets encourage each other and instill good ethical and moral values. im 19 lets not degrade young women but show them whats right and wrong.
Girls Are Becoming Sluttier And Guys Are Encouraging It?
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