My boyfriend wants to put his hand down my pants?

I've been dating this guy for almost a month and I've gone to his house 3 times, each time we have made out pretty heavily but I stopped him every time he tried to put his hand down my pants. He always asks why I stopped him and I just said I'm not ready for that and he says he understands but asks again and wants another reason, I just can't explain myself other than I'm not ready. He says he understands and apologizes and said he's just not used to going slow. He tells me he loves me and I really believe him. I'm 18 and a virgin, he's my first boyfriend, and he was my first kiss and he knows that. He told me he wants more "firsts" with me and he wants to put his hand down my pants so I feel more attached and so he does too (he's 20 by the way and obviously more experienced). I feel pretty attached already because I've never let a guy touch me period. How can I just explain that I'm not completely comfortable and ready for that yet? I'm just not really a sexual person and I feel a little awkward when we're making out and he's touching me. I kind of feel like we're rushing our relationship and I don't want to ruin things by doing all of that.
My boyfriend wants to put his hand down my pants?
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