Blue balls a myth or a fact?

For those guys and girls who say blue balls doesn't exist I am here to set you straight. The first time I got blue balls is when I got a new girlfriend and we would make out (kissing) but nothing more. Before the next date I would not masturbate cause I wanted to save it for her but again just kissing. After about 3 days in a row of this I started feeling a pain in my balls and abdomen. I actually went to work and left early to go see a doctor cause I was in pain and could barely walk. The doctor examined me and couldn't find anything physically wrong so he asked me if I just started seeing a girl. I told him yes and he explained blue balls to me which was the first time I had heard about it. He told me the easy fix was to go home and masturbate to relieve the pressure. As soon as I did this (3 times) I started feeling better right away and within 2 hours I felt pretty good..
I'm here to tell you it does exist but as I stated a quick masturbation session is all it takes to cure it. Ladies if a guy tells you that you have to bring on the ejaculation for him then you are dating a moron. Once I told my gf about my embarrassing doctor visit it never happened again.

Girls has a guy ever told you he needed you to cure his blue balls?
Guys have you ever experienced blue balls?
Blue balls a myth or a fact?
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