Why are so many girls so easily pressured and submissive in todays word (very important please read all of it)?

If you come to look out over the years guys have basically changed and manipulated women into believing what they want. I in no way am writing this up to disrespect you girls out there but i just wanted to notify and alert you all. Girls are constitenly pressured and manipulated from guys and it all ways seams like the guys win. For example social conventions are changing to accept what guys prefer such as having girls naked, or wearing little to no clothing whether participating in sports or not. Just look at all the sports women participate in and see how there bodys are revealed. More so more and more girls are accepting the commonly used phrase "Boys will be boys" when they're man screws up in some way involving cheating/adultery or breaking relationship rules. Even more so girls are accepting habits from other guys if they are assholes verbally assaulting her or even if they are beating her up physical abuse. More girls are open and so willing to put up with so much shit. These days even sexually, girls are more open to anal. More girls are handing out there V-card like it doesn't matter and more are engaging in sex with a new partner within the first week or 1st or 2nd or 3rd date. I mean if he had daughters and sons would you be happy knowing that theyre following in your foot steps. I act like how i would want my son to act and i think more guys should and more girls should act like they would want their daughters to act. Ladies there's only going to be more manipulation, betrayal, lies and deceit if you continue to let your man walk all over you. Use your voices say "NO" have an impact it seams like we as in "men" keep getting away with shit cause they know they can. Learn to have a handle on your relationships and have strong hand and grasp on what goes around are we will continue to run a much around. To those that have come this far and are still reading I thank you and trust and believe me when i say i don't mean any bad intentions from this.
Why are so many girls so easily pressured and submissive in todays word (very important please read all of it)?
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