Is this flirty female friend into me? Am I into her? Why do I sometimes fantasize about her?

There's this girl at my uni who is fun and I have become friends with. She is this talkative BLONDE and I do think she loves ATTENTION. I like how she is outgoing, but not how she seems to use people. She recently got out of a long distance relationship and started to date someone else at uni. But during both she has been very flirty with me (in terms of touching, texting me, seemingly jealous when I talk to other girls). I think she likes how I listen to her and give her attention?

In the past she shows her cleavage when hugging me and put her feet on my lap and things like that. I didn't really see her in a sexual way, but as a friend. When she touches me like that though, I do occasionally think about her?

I don't think I fancy her (I have a crush on someone else at uni), but when I was meeting up with her for dinner one day, I thought she did look hot in her dress. For some reason, when I sat opposite her, she asked me whether I could come and sit next to her instead, "so she could be close to me". Then whilst eating, it's something about her mouth, the way she licks her fingers, it's kinda a turn on?

She put her bare feet on my lap at one point and I really felt aroused by it. I'm meeting her again soon. Thing is this, is she trying to keep me as a BACKUP? She doesn't seem keen for me to meet a hot girl who I like and she knows.

For some reason, I find it hot to masturbate about this blonde friend. I don't think I fancy her. I really don't see her as my type. And I'm a virgin and so don't want to get off with her. I feel guilty because it's like she has me as a backup and it feels dirty to think about her, but I LIKE IT for some reason?

I mean I masturbated about her twice yesterday, and I feel HORNY if I see her picture? I don' see her as a girlfriend though. I am annoyed because I seem to find thinking about her MORE AROUSING than my crush? Thinking about this blonde friend giving me head is so hot?

Is she into me? Am I into her/advice?
You're fine. You see her only as a friend. You did nothing wrong. Masturbating about her is normal. It doesn't mean anything whatsoever. Continue if you like.
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You have sexual, not personal desire for her. Masturbate about her if you wish. She may be into you. Don't hold back , just enjoy it.
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She's manipulating you. Don't give her the satisfaction. Pretend you don't like it. Masturbate for now and wean yourself off her.
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You don't want her to be your first, but after that consider her as an option. Don't feel guilty about the masturbating.
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You do like her. That's why she gets your aroused quicker. Does your 1st matter? Masturbate about her and advice below for getting physical.
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+1 y

Whilst I enjoy her company as a friend, I don't think I fancy her and I certainly don't see her as a girlfriend or want her to be my first.

The sexual desire/arousal about her is really strong though. I found a p*rnstar who looks like her and find it really hot to fantasize about. Why do I find blondie AROUSES ME SO QUICKLY?

Why does she seem keen that I don't date and meet up with her instead?
What was with the FEET ON LAP and SUCKING?
+1 y
Do I like this blonde friend (L)? Why do I seem to enjoy masturbating about her now?

It seems to be only her giving me head that really turns me on. I prefer a different girl, and I have fantasized about her as well. It's just that what L did, when I replay that, it turns me on so much quicker than anything?

Is this what she wants? How to think about my other crush again and what do you suggest doing?
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Let's call blonde friend L and a girl I like V.

Thing is I want a girl more like V and think she is prettier and nicer. It's after L did these things that I began to replay them in my mind and feel turned on. I guess this is what she wanted to stop me thinking about V?

At a dinner with friends discussing girls I could meet, one person suggested L introduce me to V. "SHE'S NOT HIS TYPE" L said and changes the subject quickly?

I need L's help to meet V who is on L's course! ADVICE?
Is this flirty female friend into me? Am I into her? Why do I sometimes fantasize about her?
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