If a woman only dates un/cut men, when would be the appropriate time to broach the subject if she's interested in a man?

There are many women who prefer cut men and vice versa who do not wish to date anyone else. So at what point in the dating process should she alert a man about what he is? (What are your thoughts on this issue as well?)
Okay... lol. This questions is NOT about me. It was a general question. If this helps anyone out in anyway.

I don't know why it must be clarified, but apparently it needs to be.


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  • If it's something she's completely inflexible about she should bring it up as soon as possible - no point wasting his and her time dating if she's not going to accept his penis.

    Obviously this might be a bit weird:

    Guy: Fancy getting a drink tonight?
    Girl: Do you have foreskin?

    But I think she should try to broach the subject as soon as she can. Causally mention reading an article on circumcision, than ask him his opinion, whether he is and so on. I think she should try to bring it up during the first date, or earlier if they're friends already.

    I've known girls who won't date meat eaters and bring that up before going on a first date - which I think's sensible, and I think this preference (deal breaker) calls for similar action.

    • *casually

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    • Thanks for MHO.

      I'm surprised that this sort of thing matters so much to some girls, but if it does I think it's a good idea for her to make it known as early on as she can.

    • You're welcome!

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  • She should mention it as soon as possible... so that I know to stay away from her.

    • Some bitch downvoted you... looks like she also dates cut men only😕

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    • I'm not going to get into this argument since I've had it a thousand times over. No one will win.

      I disagree that circumcision is child abuse (physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child). It may fit the definition of genital mutilation, but I think people are stretching that definition to benefit their argument. I also don't agree with your statement being common sense. I see it as an opinion. Simply put.

      This is all I will say. You can continue if you want. We disagree. I didn't post this question to argue and I didn't want to start any.

    • It is a fact that circumcision is genital mutilation and child abuse. And, while I generally don't like making predictions, I am confident that it will be recognized as such by both law and conventional opinion in the somewhat-near future, and all the future people will be patting themselves on the backs (as people do now on the topic of slavery for example), telling themselves and one another how of course they would have opposed it back when it was legal. Well, let it be on record that some of us really did oppose it, while many others made the same tired, old comments that we shouldn't rock the boat, we shouldn't judge people, we shouldn't stir controversy, it's all a matter of opinion, it's not such a big deal, it's good for them, etc, etc, etc.

  • We know what are dicks look like. You don't need to alert us about that. If you're asking when you should ask us if we are circumcised or not and tell us that you only date uncircumcised men, I'd say as soon as you want to appear to be a whack job. When you're ready to let him know you're completely nuts, lay it on him. He'll understand how crazy you are. Don't worry...

    • A lot of asinine assumptions it seems if you're assuming this is about me. If you're speaking generally, then I still consider it foolish.

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    • Technically, being circumcised is a disability. It makes sense to question whether you would want to date someone with a disfigured penis or not.

  • Early on in the relationship, way before things get physical. I've encountered a number of women that prefer only cut men, and I happen to be uncut. When I find out there preference, I know not to waste my time so I move on to someone else. Some are really turned off by uncut men and come straight out and say it. I'd rather not venture into anything sexual with them.

    • There we go. Very early on. Before sex. I suppose when you two are comfortable with each other. Thanks!

  • I don't think that's appropriate when your trying to get to know someone and fall in love. Love comes first then comes penis fondling. Once you love them, I really don't see how cut/ uncut makes any difference what so ever

    So if your bringing up penis when your suppose to be getting to know each other. Expect to either be dropped or sexualized since he now knows what's important to you

    • 1) This isn't about me. I don't know if you're speaking in a "general you" though.

      2) For some women, this is a deal-breaker. They can't be with a man that's un/cut. They simply stop it before anything goes too far or feelings get caught. But it's their preference and if they want what they want, they should go after it. Just like men.

      3) If he isn't what the woman desires, I don't think she'd feel horrid about the whole scenario. I wonder if any woman did feel bad about bringing this up if he was what she wanted...

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    • XD I get what you mean perfectly. It would make her look bad either way I suppose.

    • Well she can do she wants. Maybe the guy doesn't mind her bringing penis. If a girl brought it up to me, I'd think yaaay I'm getting laid for sure. Becuse I instantly know she's concerned about my penis more than anything else

      So it's ok just depend the guy she gets and what she expects out of the relationship

      Yea just I said before, she would need to sort of bringing it up in a subtle way, sneak It in

  • Honestly I don't know how to obtained such a "preference" to the point where it is a dealbreaker but I'd only mention it when you've gotten sexually involved to some degree. Be prepared to get a lot of hate though for only dating one or the other because cut guys were pretty much cut at times in their lives where they had no control over it. It's very much like a guy dating a girl and telling her "Now that I have gotten better glances at your rack size I decided I'm really not interested in you."

    • I don't know either. I suppose it would be if some women have never seen certain penises before. I have a friend who will NOT date an uncut man. She seriously has an issue with it. I don't know why.

      I mean, I had looked at cut penises all of my life thinking it was normal and when I saw an uncut one I was "grossed out". Now I prefer them over cut ones, but I wouldn't mind either way. I just like the pretty turtleneck.

      ... This wasn't about me, by the way.

    • It's definitely something that is tough to outright tell a guy I'm sure but I'm not surprised to hear of such preferences.

    • Why wait until they get to the point of having sex? why bother to get to know the person at all if she is so shallow that this is a deal breaker. It should be the 2nd thing out of her mouth after her name.

  • why would being cut or uncut be such a huge issue in a relationship? I mean having a preference is one thing but making it an issue is totally not right... being cut or uncut isn't ugly , dirt in any way... like the way being a very hairy bodied man is... i can understand if a woman says that a man having very hairy body is an issue and deal breaker , but why / how is presence or absence of foreskin an issue?

    • Lol. I'm wondering now if this is why they allowed people the ability to ask "Fe/Male" only questions.

      1) You could ask those women. Some don't like the appearance and it repels them. Some believe that due to the extra tissue, men finish faster and this leaves the women unsatisfied. Some find the absence of foreskin unsettling and unnatural. Many reasons. It's a sexual turn-off and lack of sex in a relationship when both people want it can lead to a bad place. So why not end it early?

      2) You didn't answer the question. I want to know effective ways to tell women who feel like this the appropriate time to broach the subject. It would suck if his pants were past his knees and she told him right then and the first date seems a bit too early.

    • maybe that tiny foreskin is an issue... those things would be dealt with as soon as one heads towards any sexual talk...
      anyway , still i feel being very very hairy bodied man is much much more sexually repulsive , unsettling and disturbing for a relationship.

    • Having lots of hair is a genetic trait, and you can always have it removed (shaving waxing lasers etc)

      Having your genitals mutilated ("circumcised") is an artificial condition, a disability. A scar that will never heal (unless you resort to foreskin restoration).

  • I just can't believe that this is an issue either way. My girlfriend told me about a friend of hers who was dating a guy for a minute, they finally hooked up a few dates into it, and she found out he was uncut, and was totally turned off by it. So she and my gf and their circle of friends apparently had this big discussion of how to break things off with the guy without hurting his feelings and letting on that it was solely because of his uncircumcised penis. I mean, I'm cut, personally, but i don't see why it should make a difference. That's almost on par with this new faction of guys who seem to split hairs about "innie" vs "outie" vaginas and claim they'll only accept one or the other. You could argue that circumcision is an unnatural alteration vs the other 3 scenarios, but given that it's almost always done as a baby, it might as well be what you were born with, for all intents and purposes. It seems like crazy talk to me.

  • Of course right before she even dates a guy she should tell the person... but i think women like that are shallow... How can not being cut be a deal breaker for them... seriously!!😕

    • LOL. So after they shake hands, she should say, "I only like un/cut men. Are you one?"

      Maybe she should make it apparent on her profile. :)

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    • Maybe lead into it though. I think they should tell each other a dealbreaker and that would be hers.

    • Yes you are right 😊

  • i think think of circumcision as mutilation so i don´t appreciate women who only like cut ones. would be a pitty if this came out after a few good dates xD

    • They can like what they like though. I don't understand all the hostility. I suppose it would be a shot to the ego or it can be considered really shallow. But some of these guys on here seem "angry" about it.

      I mean, I wouldn't be miffed if a guy said I didn't have the right breast size for him. I'd think he was being an asshole. Yet some guys really AREN'T attracted to women who don't have these breast sizes that they liked (second hand personal experience). Same with women. But I understand.

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    • OH. I get it now...

    • i mean for example: i don´t really like long labia minoras... but i won´t be like: "hell she´s better have them cut off, cause they look nasty to me" i think this is the perfect comparison to a woman prefering a cut dick.

  • Women I've encountered like this gamble on a hj early and then move on if necessary.

    • I don't know what my friend is like. But you didn't answer the question... lol *sigh* Oh well. I don't think it's that big of a deal. The only thing I can see is that it hurts guys' feelings. Understandable. But some women can't help what they like and that's ONLY what they like.

    • Sorry I thought I did. Basically I'm saying the women I've known would simply find out during the first couple weeks of dating casually then decide.

      I suppose if it's a friend you are less likely tongi down that path. In that case I'd try to get him to spill the info by bringing up infant circ and if he believes in IT etc.

  • My ex wife is a nurse. The whole office is women. they were having lunch and, of course, talking about sex. all but 1 nurse said that being uncircumsized is a deal breaker. But they did not say if they ask or do they just wait and see.
    If your a woman in the USA good friggin luck. Your going to have a very small pool of men. It looks so freakin nasty... not that a normal penis looks great.
    but if the woman is so shallow that that is a 'deal breaker' for her, then I would bring it up on the first date. otherwise you wasting both of your time. why go on a 2nd or 3rd if nothing is going to happen. why bother learning anything about the person if that is all your interested in? so I would basically lead with that and get it over with.

  • one thing is having a preference... another is having a filter...

    • Interesting. I see them as one and the same.

      I prefer muscular men. I wouldn't ever date a man who wasn't. I prefer a non-smoker. I wouldn't ever date a man who smokes.

      Some women prefer un/cut men. There are reasons why they can't date them. *sigh* I didn't even want to argue about this. I just wanted simple answers.

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    • OH. You mean a non-negotiable/dealbreaker. Well yeah, they're not always the same... haha.

    • upss.. sorry then, jeje, I misunderstood you :S damn with my English skills lol

  • Immediately, so the guy knows it's not worth it to date you.

  • That's about as shallow as a guy who will only date, say, a NATURAL blonde, or someone with breast implants.

    I've gotta throw in with what others here are saying. Immediately, so I know not to waste my time.

  • Is there something wrong with a circumcised guy? 😳

    • With some women, they don't like that he's unnatural. Some women don't like the turtleneck looks.

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    • I'm not offended... lol. It's just based off of the amount of "flack" this question received, I'm sure my "problem" would come off as WORSE.

      And I like the look of an UNcut guy more, but I wouldn't deny a CUT guy. You're more than your penis. I only seem to have a problem with the "color".

    • Really? So superb dark or super light penises are no bueno? Lol

      And it is what it is. You have your preference. I ger it. That's what's nice about boobs though. No matter the color, they are awesome! Lol

  • If she cares about that, she better say it at the beginning. I don't wanna waste my time on a shallow girl who just wants circumcised men. She'll do me a great favor.

  • Pretty soon. definitely before it gets physical in any way

    • These people are really getting in their feelings lol

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    • this is ridiculous!!! these people are adding their opinion when it doesn't even have anything to do with the question. theyre lying about their age cuz they sound like children

    • everyone is allowed to like or dislike whatever they want when it comes to preference for a partner. why are they so butt hurt about what someone else wants? these arguments are more heated than religious ones AND THIS IS ABOUT A LITTLE SKIN!!! I can't believe this. there are child molesters, murderers, actual sick people out there, and we're arguing about foreskin like anyone who doesn't hate it is equal to them. gtfo

  • Why the hell does it matter? Either way it is a penis and should not be the basis of the relationship. Even if a woman was used to cut guys she could easily get used to an uncircumcised male. People worry too much in my opinion

    • Because some women don't prefer un/cut guys. I know a woman who will NOT date an uncut man. That's her preference. Everyone has a preference. That's why it matters.

    • Just saying it is pretty messed up... That guy could be perfect and he is being judged off of something not decided by him at birth. Everyone has a preference but I don't think it should matter. It doesn't change the guy in any way at all.

    • *shrugs* Everyone has deal breakers. This happens to be one of many people's. A preference can be one of that.

      I wouldn't expect a guy who prefers to have sex 3 times a day to settle with a woman who only wants to do it once a week, no matter if she's a good woman. People need to be compatible with each other and they should get/find what they like.

      I know what you're saying, but I understand people who have these preferences.

  • I think it's somewhat shallow but I also think people can have whatever preferences they want.

    The best time would probably br 2nd or 3rd date.

  • I find it reasonable if someone doesn't want to date someone with a mutilated penis. It's similar to how most people wouldn't date someone who's missing a leg or two - not all people choose to cope with someone being in a wheelchair, especially if they are at first strangers to you.

    But if someone exclusively dates only mutilated males, then they clearly aren't worth ANYONE's time as they support genital mutilation, and have zero understanding of what consequences their actions would have if they had male children of their own.

    • mutilated? really? are you out of your mind? I am cut, all 3 of my sons are, as are most men in the USA. It is healthier and women overwhelmingly prefer it. I am very thankful I am not uncut or i would definitely get it done.

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    • I take it you have never been cut so how the hell would you know?

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  • I think it's a bit hypocritical of guys here to say that having a preference there is so shallow and makes you a bad partner, when they have quite a few preferences too that they would consider deal breakers

    But anyways, there is not a good way to ask about it everyone would be like wtf?

    • LMAO. I guess so. One guy said to do it on the first date. I suppose asking each other (AFTER dinner) what is one of their dealbreakers are could open up that dialogue. Another one suggested after they're comfortable.

      I don't understand all the anger about this issue though... from the men, anyway.

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    • Again shaving a choice, tattoo a choice, hair length and style a choice. But this is going no where

    • @NovaLS did you read what I said?

  • What kind of freak is so obsessed with foreskin that she (or he) would only date guys with/without it? Lmao...

    • Hey now! One of my friends is like that. It's her preference though. I mean, like how people wouldn't date smokers. This is something that she likes.

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    • They're not shallow, they're ignorant and misinformed.

    • @Mesonfielde they're all of the above.

  • I would say once you have had a good make out session. If it seems like it is going to move on to intimacy then you should ask if he had what you are looking for.
    Personally, and I know most guys won't like it, I think it shouldn't be done until a man is old enough to make the decision for himself. I do understand that by doing it as a baby there will be no memory of the incident but there are studies that by cutting it shortens the length and lessens the stimulation. I think a man should be the one to decide if that happens or not. If I have a boy, I will not get it done and will let him decide for himself after he has all the facts.

    • The point of my question was to see what's the most effective way people in this situation could do this. And people are taking it personally... lol.

      I would think making out with him would lead him on so that would be a bit bad for them to do. Thanks!

    • I didn't mean heavy petting lol I should have worded that better. If it gets to the point that you see it going past a kiss. That should be the moment you talk about whether he meets your requirements

    • Ah. I think that's VERY effective then and I agree... lol.

  • Why would you not date someone based on them being uncircumcised or not? It's ok to prefer things but being circumcised is normally a decision that is usually made by the mans family not his.

    • You could ask the women that prefer that. Again, there are some that don't like how cut men look unnatural. Some don't like the appearance of the foreskin or the fact that intact men seem to finish faster than cut ones, leaving the woman unsatisfied. If these problems exist in the relationship, it can definitely lead to lack of sex and such relationships deteriorate into problematic ones.

      So I understand not progressing to the dating stage.

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    • Oh. I see what you mean. Whoops... lol.

    • It's ok, I didn't explain it well, i'm half asleep still lol

  • that is just weird.

    • I wouldn't think so. Many women have their preference. I know one who wouldn't date an uncut guy. I think people are just limited in their experience or can't accept that others may not be into what they are.

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    • That makes much more sense then first thought.

    • @shesacylon thank you! ;)

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