Girls, why do you think "is it me" if the man your with has erection issues?

After seeing yet ANOTHER post on this issue I snapped and have to post this...
you and your man are having sex. If he has issues with getting or maintaining an erection right away it becomes about you and I see posts "doesn't he think I am attractive?"...
If a guy is with you obviously your someone he wants to be with and is attracted to. Women have is easy. All you have to do is lay there and spread your legs and your a rockstar in bed. You can do it anytime you want as many times as you want. Your always ready.
A guy has to get and maintain an erection. then we have to figure out how to please the woman. if that woman is relatively new then that can be worse then figuring out a rubix cube since women won't tell you what they like and all of you are different. so we have to try everything and hope one of our tricks work. so we have to do all that while trying to stay "in the mood".
It is easier when your young and basically we are walking erections. but as you get older it get harder. but women want to make it about them which is so infuriating and there is no rational reason to do that. why not be sympathetic and listen to him...
Many women are so horrible when it comes to this matter. You women make the issue 100000000x worse when you make it about you and not about a serious issue. Men are driven by sex. We see pussy and we are going to get hard. Age does have a factor on this. But most of the posts I see are from the 18-24 demo. So the woman could be ugly and gross and we are still going to get an erection. it is a physical reaction.
A guy not getting and erection is NEVER about the woman, always about the guy.
But you women start in with "I must not be attractive enough" so you make it about you and make the guy feel 1000000000000000x worse then he already does.
So stop being so selfish and maybe support him. Unless you don't give a shit about the guy.
Now... this is not ALL women so some of you calm down. I am sure there are some women that react approprately.
Also, FYI, I never give MHO to anyone who posts Anonymous. Even if they deserve it. Your already anonymous on this board, it is ridiculous to post at anonymous.
Girls, why do you think "is it me" if the man your with has erection issues?
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