My Boyfriend Wants to go to a strip club for his 18th birthday, makes me feel uncomfortable?

First off before you send me advice, I am not looking for "dump him" "He isn't worth it" "He's cheating on you" because all of those statements are false. I am not going to leave a relationship I put eight months of effort in over my boyfriend wanting to experience going to a strip club with his single friends.

were bickering about it back and forth and he was being so harsh and resentful of what I was saying to him. "I'm going either way" he told me when he first told me and each thing he said was getting me even more pissed. He commanded for me to stop making him feel guilty and how he only wants to go out for a night with his friends. His friends and him are all turing 18 around the same time and want to go to the casino, rent a hotel room, get high and drunk, and go to the strip club. I think he was mostly upset because it was his friends idea and he didn't want me to be against the idea, not go, and feel left out that night while his friends go have fun. It makes me uneasy and sick to my stomach thinking of a stripper coming up, and hounding him to get a lap dance, or him even watching those girls and getting a boner from it. Those girls are trained to turn the guys on to get money from them. Though, I came to a conclusion that I don't give two single shits if he goes and just watches the girls dance, but should I put my foot down and tell him I don't want him giving those girls money for any services? I trust him, it's just I don't trust those girls. I know they only need the money for school, living, etc. but I don't want him touching and being next to a naked/almost naked girl. That's my job to turn him on, not hers. He was also be high off who knows what and super drunk so his judgement will be impaired, but he told me he wouldn't even think of cheating on me and it's "Going to be like the hangover, where he's the married guy chilling and his single friends are the ones with the strippers."

I am so depressed and confused on what to think. Help!
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I ended up balling my eyes out telling him about how he talked to me about it would of made a world difference. I made him realize how disrespectful he sounded saying that to me, and if he asked me in a more respectful way, it would of been so different. I said I'll let you go but it'll be uncomfortable for me. I'm giving him complete freedom but after I told him the truth about how I feel I don't even think he wants to go anymore, by his choice. I don't know if I did the right thing to not...
My Boyfriend Wants to go to a strip club for his 18th birthday, makes me feel uncomfortable?
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