Do you think that black and even Asian guys envy white men being considered most attractive by women and sucessful people?

This is why have a lot of black guys pretending to be women in the answers, have other kind of people with weird hate fetish against white guys, and the media and everything try to boycott couples with white guys and Asian, black and women of other races to please the men of other races who hate them, for example, for black guys they give all kind of racial fetish for their fantasies with other races, if you search for anything every result will be to show something against white, something to please the racism of Asian boys, even being rare they will try to please the fetish of Asian boys in white girls more, even white guys and Asian girls being higher number, latinas being higher number, white guys being more desired, maybe this is to compensate the hatred of other men, also have something to please the fantasies of blacks mixed with hate for white guys, always something to make people who have hate for white guys happy, I don't recommend it because everything is disgusting, biased, sad, and etc..

I doubt of some people in this site too, for example, is easy know when a black boy is pretending to be a woman to create some race fantasy for himself, or other with some hate anti the white guy fetish

Everything related to the word "white men" "white guy" is related to something against them to please the people who hate them, now you never will see nothing with the word black guy or any other, this is why I think the laws of American multiculturalism is over compensate against white guys to please the haters.
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Asian guys were rare, but after internet and mostly from America I learned that Asian guys can be very jealous and racist too, they hate white guys dating Asian girls but want white girls, lol, and black guys have a little bit or full hate too because they wanted Asian girls with them instead of white guys being more desired, this is why every kind of race fetish with women of other races is promoted to please black fantasy in American things, even white guys being the most desired, not blacks
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Everything based in real life, every result, everything, have a whole fantasy on internet of men pretending to be women, black guys pretending to be white girls, and everyone creating fantasies, everything based in crazy people of internet
Do you think that black and even Asian guys envy white men being considered most attractive by women and sucessful people?
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