So why do 'Assholes/bad boys' get girls at their prime, and nice guys get girls later in life?

So why is it a general trend is assholes/bad boys who treat women like shit/use for sex and basically make them feel worthless and their nothing but a whole to stick their dicks into get women early in life. During their peak years age 18-22. These guys will get women when their skin is better, tigher pussy, firmer breast and butts, boobs not gonig south and no crow feet and wrinkles on the face. These guys get the fun relatoinship in HS/College without the stress of work life/raising family when a girl isn't as cynical about love, and have a much better enjoyable relatoinship.

Meanwhile around late 20's/early 30's most women have this epiphiny to give guys who they considered 'nice' a chance at relationship. They would hold off sex ass much as possible and string him along until he commits to her, even though she is less prettier, jaded, increases baggage and basically mellowed/less exciting in her younger days. Nice guys usually from a biological perspective 'damaged good/expired goods' at this point. Yet, have to pay a much bigger cost of committing for life to women and getting less sex. In contrast to bad boys who got fun short term, flings, and casual sex with women when they were prettier, fun, and basically didn't have a pessimistic view of men.

So should all guys just be assholes and treat women like shit/cum dumpsters. Not get any feelings and look at most women as whores who have no real emotion for them?
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You know your speaking the truth when women get rustled.
So why do 'Assholes/bad boys' get girls at their prime, and nice guys get girls later in life?
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