Cheated on my girlfriend now everyone hates me?

So I went on a trip by myself while my girlfriend was having a heavy school semester and I ended up cheating. We did everything but sex but honestly I would have had sex if we had a condom. I felt so bad the next day. I love my girlfriend so much and I guess I was just unhappy and feeling neglected because she was so busy with school. I felt like she always put school before me. So I came home to her and everything was fine and I was starting to forget about it but then she told me she went to the doctor and found out she had an std. She knew. So she dumped me. I haven't stopped crying I loved the girl so much and just made a 5 minute mistake. Her friends hate me and yelled at me when they saw me out, she told my parents and they can't even look at me, and my friends are mad at me because they have girlfriends and they also found out through someone else so they felt I lied to them too. I just dont know what to do... I feel so helpless and I know it was the biggest mistake I ever made. I miss her so much. I know its over she made it very clear. I actually lost such an amazing girl.
Cheated on my girlfriend now everyone hates me?
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