Why do wives agree to their husband's fetishes if it isn't really something she really wants to do?

I am quite surprised lately with the amount of fetishes that's been going on, I'm not sure if it is because of the internet that it is becoming common or people are simply becoming more adventureous or what but it used to be that one simply had fetishes based upon how the girl was say she had blonde or red hair, more commonly it was big boobs or tall. Then there were the roleplay and uniforms. Usually those seemed that it was just a preference or just some fun to spice things up.

I however have trouble understanding this cuckold shit. The first time I received an invitation to participate in such was as a 17 year old, by one older couple in their 60s, he simply approached me at the pub I was working at and said he enjoyed watching younger men do his wife while he watched. He did make it "interesting" by using his hunting rifle and often pointing it at me while telling me to do her real good, I didn't really care because at that time I was rather skint and could have done with their generousity. Now that old geezer thoroughly enjoyed being done by a younger guy or at least she didn't show any type of disapproval or any type of regret, often would serve tea after it was over.

Now fast forward a decade plus, the last 3 I was a participant of were always requested by the husband and then organized by the wife. It did appear that all 3, the husband wanted to see the wife being done by a well-endowed man (not sure if colour was off matter) and 2 of it he wanted to see her being hurt. However it was always the case that it wasn't really what the wife wanted, the last 3, 2 of them cried the moment my penis penetrated her vagina. The other one, she wouldn't look at me the entire time and I could tell she simply wanted it to be over.

I have a hard time understanding the man wanting to see such a thing happen but I have a harder time understanding why on earth would the woman agree to such a thing if it isn't what she wants?
Why do wives agree to their husband's fetishes if it isn't really something she really wants to do?
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