I'm in love with a little pregnant lady, what can I do?

So there's this little 5'4 pregnant light skinned hispanic girl in my appartment complex. I'm 24, pretty tall (6'2 so I can offer protection) and in college. What I heard from some of my neighbors is that she got raped a couple months back, she's like 2 doors down from me. But every day I see her come out in her little shoes and cute clothes and go to work about 5am and I don't see her come back till about 4pm. She's 20, she's really cute and adorable, just how she tip toes all over the place and her cooking smells great by the way. One day I lent her some sugar and she gave me some of the peach cobler she made, it gave me a food orgasm lol. But anyway, every day I see her and I can't stand how cute she is. She wears soft colors and has floral clothes mostly. I just really want to be more that just the white guy that helps her with her groceries. I'm not going to lie, I really want to sleep with her, and it's not some pregnancy fetish, it's just that the pregnancy makes her look so small and dainty. She's really petite and totally reminds me of a pregnant cat lol. How can I propose it to her? So far, all I've tried is asking her what she's going to do with the baby and she said she's going to give him to a couple that can't have children. Sometimes she lets me in her apartment when I ask her to lend me something and I ask her things. I asked how she's satisfying her urges and she stayed quite but then found what I needed so I wasn't able to get a response. That is the creepiest thing I've done by the way. She's just so adorable, and so sweet. She's the nicest girl I've ever met. Her personality is just amazing. So what can I do?

Also, a note: I keep trying to select "Flirting" as the topic but it keeps switching to "Sexual Behavior"
I'm in love with a little pregnant lady, what can I do?
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