What the hell does this guy want from me? Guys! Please help? Does he just want sex?


Known this guy since jr high (he lost his virginity to me then) were on our early twenties now. Throughout the years he'd be the one who reaches out via FB and ask how I'm doing. but we never really hung out often. We started hanging out the most we ever have this year. first, we'd meet up, hangout drink a little, watch tv and hook up. he wouldn't calltext much (only text after a few days) and we been having sex most of the time we meet. I told him i didn't want it to be just about the sex and he replied with "I can't help but be so attracted to you, col ltry to take u out more". Well, we didn't go out more, he would just invite me to his place (well his parents live there, when they weren't home) and we'd laugh, joke and then get into it. He would then start to say things like "could u see yourself being with a man like me" or "u could be a porn star" (while I was giving him a BJ) anyway, he talks about his ex occasionally saying how she calls him and he doesn't want anything to do with her. He invited me to his friend's wedding and I was joking at how people asked if we were "husband and wife" Later on that night he said to me "why can't you be my girlfiend" and I just said it may ruin our friendship. I have him an ultimatum that we be just friends or we make it official. He said he wants to be with me but he wants to go on a few more dates to get to know me better. We went on a date and stupid me we ended up having sex (I agreed to it) he text me a pic of his pet the day afternoon and the next day text a funny video on YouTube, just casual stuff.. but doesn't say much else. Why? This is what confuses me. What does he want from me? He won't officially ask me to be his girl though. Today I spoke to him as a friend and said he should try talking to girls at work or when he's free he said "no imxbnot interested, I like someone so" (referring to me) and I said just saying as a friend. And he said "no you're more to me than that and I'm more to you than that" I don't get him
What the hell does this guy want from me? Guys! Please help? Does he just want sex?
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