Am I becoming TOO compassionate?

I'm 16 . Yes I have an attitude like any typical teenager and I have no problem speaking my mind. But I have noticed I have became very compassionate.. Sometimes too much. To the point I'd take a bullet for a child I didn't even know. If I had lots of money I would donate countless amounts to less fortunate people. It actually hurts me when I see elderly people suffer and in pain. So much I actually get ANGRY that the world is so cold then I realize it's something I can't control. I forgive people too easily. I keep giving chances and chances. I was sexually abused by a trusted person ( not in my family ) and I even still had contact with them afterwards because I believed them when they said " it was a mistake " . I feel like I don't care enough about myself and I just keep on giving and giving to people who don't deserve it. I actually felt so bad for some silly stuff I did , and how my ex boyfriend cheated on me THREE years ago , and I cheated on him too. I called him and about 4 other people and apologized for everything and told them everything I ever did wrong to them. Sometimes I feel like I'm too passive
Am I becoming TOO compassionate?
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