Why are powerful men not lambasted for sexual assault?

why is it that liberals/feminists only go after weak men?

emma sulkowich, mattress girl, had a weak accusation that a guy raped her a year earlier... zero evidence. some random college guy. and she ended up getting semi-celibrity status and invited to the State of the Union address.

Bill Clinton has been accussed of rape and sexual assault by a lot of women, and even settled out of court with one of his victims for over a half million dollars. yet he had two terms as president, and the demcratic party is about to nominate them to try to put Bill and Hillary back in the White House.

So what is it? Only soft targets can be lambasted for being accused of rape, and not powerful politicians who paid out $600k just to one victim alone?


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  • Because like it or not, there's a different standard for the very powerful.

  • Clinton? I only know about Lewinski and she was rather too proud about her blue stained dress. ;-)


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