Does it sound like my friend with benefits might be gay/bisexual?

I never actually thought about it until now. But I don't even know if I can call him a friends with benefits anymore but let's just refer to him as that. I had sex with him when we first agreed to be friends with benefits, which was about 6 months ago. Since then, we haven't met up again and its always been an excuse on his part. They're very valid excuses, he's a busy guy. He has two jobs and a daughter. But I was just thinking over everything and I'll list the things that make me suspect that maybe it's more than him just being busy, and maybe it's because he's actually gay or bisexual:

- He's always extremely clean. Of course this could be an OCD thing, but he even irons his uniform and shines his shoes every day, makes sure he smells good before he comes to work (we're coworkers), so its definitely more than needed
-He hasn't planned on meeting up with me again since June. There was one time, the week after our first encounter that he was very serious about meeting up. Every time after, it's been a 'maybe' and it never happens or a flat out 'I don't have time'
-When we did have sex, it took him a very long time to orgasm. I thought he was just really skilled in bed, but now I'm thinking maybe it was difficult for him because he wasn't as attracted to me because I'm a woman?
-We've sexted a lot and he has shown me that he's gotten hard but that's easy to fake too. It would just take a quick homosexual p**n search
-He can be guarded at times but overall he's a very caring guy, very soft at times (which, if he's straight, is perfect!)
-He's told me that he does his daughter's hair and makeup, that he learned through Youtube tutorials
-Here's the biggest thing that makes me think he might be: without me even asking or even being on the topic, he's said (on several occasions) very homophobic things, even expressing that he thinks another one of our close coworkers is bisexual and that it "bothers him". It almost makes me think he's trying to cover it up or something

And of course this would be fine. I have no problems with homosexuals, it's just that it would be devastating to me because I've really started to fall for him and I planned on telling him but if there's a good chance he only hooked up with me to keep the facade alive, then I have to let him go.

What do you guys think?
Does it sound like my friend with benefits might be gay/bisexual?
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