Boyfriend cheated... im pregnant?

So last week i found out my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years cheated on me with a prostitute. I have since broken up with him and told him that i will remain single until he can prove that he is willing to make an effort to show me he wants this relationship.
Today i did a pregnancy test as i was a day late, and low and behold.. im pregnant.
Now what? What do i do? I dont want him to think that because im pregnant he is off the hook, and i don't want to have an abortion, im so confused and this couldnt have come at a worse time!!!
Im 27 and he's 35, i already have 1 child who is 7, i don't bring a child into a broken home but i don't know how to get over him cheating so quickly... help!!!
Boyfriend cheated... im pregnant?
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