Does he like me or is he just using me?

so i have been talking to this guy dor 2 months and i found out 2 weeks ago that he was usuing me for nudes and stuff and that broke my heart! i was so upset and angry and all his mates have seen my nudes. anyways i forgived him and were talking now and he said to me that he isn't looking to be in a relationship and thats fine by me and i have blocked out any emotional feelings towards him. he is 14 turning 15 and im 15 turning 16. so we have made out and i have given him his first handjob and he told all his friends that it was really good, but i didn't make him cum so I don't know if he was liein I don't know. anyways do you think he just using me? he texts me to about my day and stuff so yeah what do you guys think?
Does he like me or is he just using me?
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