Boyfriend cheated... and gave me an STD... Should I stay?

So... I already know most people would automatically write this one and keep it moving but there's so much more to this story than the surface. I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and he's overall everything that I've been wanting... to say the least, a fresh breathe of air. I have to admt when we first started dating, I didn't think it would become anything long term because he obviously had a lot of growing up to do, and with time he definitely stepped up to the plate. Eventually we made a huge decision to move in with each other. Everything fell into place. We had our arguements and diagreements but we still made it through the rough times. Recently, a trip to lthe clinic where I found out I was infected with trich and some girl he used to deal with popped up pregnant has tremendiously changed how I initially felt about our relationship. Recently, he just admitted he cheated on me twice. I'll admit we did'nt have the kind of relationship we have now, being that my focus wasn't on him but trying to set my life up steady. Once i got to that point, my interest was our relationship. Still, I don't feel thats an excuse considering I NEVER cheated and now I dont trust him and look at him with disgust at times. I have a tremendous amount of love for him but his drama and reckless ways are starting to wear thin with me. All his skeltons from his past have not only come to haunt him, but me as well because I'm dealing with him. In my heart I know he's a great guy, but I am truly troubled...
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Boyfriend cheated... and gave me an STD... Should I stay?
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