Why am I so angry at my boyfriend all the time?

My boyfriend and I are doing long distance. We've been together for a year without longdistance and now we're doing long distance. we see each other about once a month.
to describe him, he's really hard working and very sweet.
1) He calls me in the morning to wake me up,
2) sends me pictures throughout the day so I don't "miss him too much"
3) whenever I get upset about small stuff he always apologizes first,
4) introduces me to his friends and family, makes me his phone background picture, facebook profile picture.
5) whenever I cry and argue with him about something and then later apologize cause I think I over reacted he always smiles and says "I want us to be together for the long run, so these are just little problems we'll face throughout the way. I love you,"
6) whenever one of his femaile friends asks to hangout he makes sure he brings another guy friend or friends so it wouldn't upset or bother me etc.

But I just get so mad at him for a really long time and have trouble letting things go.
he has a medical condition that maeks it hard for him to get an erection (he is paralyzed and uses a wheelchair) and im insecure about my breasts (im a b cup) and him not initiating sex makes me even more insecure. he never cheated or even flirts with anyone (fb message, text, call anything) but i found that he had saved multiple pictures of larger bust girls in lingerie on his computer. he apologized and deleted everyone and told me it wouldn't happen again. I did find in his history that he had looked those pictures up even if he didn't save them afterwards.

what are your thoughts on this guy? is he a keeper? am I being crazy? is he a "good" guy?
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He also tells me that I'm beautiful and don't need implants. And he tells me that he loves me every day and buys my plain tickets to go see him etc... I just want to know what people think thanks
Why am I so angry at my boyfriend all the time?
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