Boyfriend stopped me from giving head?

So I've given him bjs before and he seemed to/ told me he really enjoyed it. Recently though we were getting hot and heavy but we didn't have condoms and he was afraid he would cum in me if I rode him (like I was getting ready to do). He had already gotten me off so I wanted to return the favor so I decided to start going down on him. Before I really started he stopped me and said I didn't have to do it, that he knew I didn't like to and that he could take care of it himself.

I have no no idea where he got that idea from! I've always vounenteered to do it. In fact it's a huge turn on for me.. Am I just not as good as I thought? I was so confused and a little hurt that he would even want to do it himself. He ended up staying and I still got him off but it was just a weird experience for me.

Can anyone help explain why he might have done this?
Boyfriend stopped me from giving head?
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