Do Women Only Want Men For Their Cars?

I've come to realize that the most likely reason that I am still alone is because of my lack of a drivers license, WHICH I CAN'Y BLOODY HELP! Because the gov' is torturing me with tests, assessment, tests and assessments, again and again and again due to my very minor aspergers syndrome! That is the very definition of insanity: Doing the exact same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If they knew what I've discovered that women want in a man, they'd have given me license the very minute I payed for it, and that was four months ago. "Oh, shit mate, we're so sorry. Here's the license so sorry for the trouble," the say if they only knew.

This is basically how woman chooses a man, with made up characters based on real ones

Tomas: He is handsome as a disney prince, intelligent, has a six pack and decent arm muscles, is well-off financially, and has the personality of an angel... BUT... he has absolutely no chance of getting to so much as a cuddle from a woman simply because he catched cabs everywhere.

Dick: is an absolute retarded speedfreak, a barely-human-looking blob, with an explosive violent temper and genes so bad he'd have crooked children if ever given the chance... is an absolute vagina magnet because he has toyato supra?

Seriously girls, this makes about a smuch sense as Adolf Hitler at hip hop concert. Please tell me this isn't true! I'm genuinely begging of you!
Do Women Only Want Men For Their Cars?
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