I think I've created a monster - Over confident boyfriend?

Im naturally quite a confident person, so this makes me want to help others feel confident too.

When i first started having sex with my boyfriend, he was quite nervous and had issues getting it up due to this. Fast forward 5 months into our relationship, he has a massive sex drive (it matches mine) and we can do it up to 3 times in a day. His become really confident with sex and very comfortable with me. The thing is I have had a fair few real orgasms but i have also faked a fair few orgasams before and i know i should have told him from the start but i was afraid of ruining his self esteem. How can I come clean about this? His being over confident, saying stuff like 'i can make you cum anytime'... meh... how do i break it? Im sick of faking. Last night i had to fake because i just wanted it to be over. He said 'i bet you feel good now' i was like 'yeah' lol

So cringey

He also said that the more men have sex the more confident they feel so when they see others girls they thinkk that they can have it (not meaning they will cheat, just meaning they think they could hit it because theyre sexual 'gods')

Like nah, you're not a god, your skills are pretty average. Should I say something? I once told him he was a sex god just so he would feel good about himself. Not true at all.
I think I've created a monster - Over confident boyfriend?
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