This guy doesn't believe I'm a virgin?

I've been with this guy for two months, there is no sexual contact, just talking and trying to know each other... I do see myself in a future relationship with him, I'm starting to have strong feelings for him and he already told me he likes me too but there's a thing its making me confused and kinda upset... When I told him I was a virgin he didn't want to believe and just tought I was joking so he laughed. When I said I was serious he look at me and laugh even more.
That same day later, he sended me a text asking If I was really serious about been a virgin, and of course I said yes, he answered something like "C'mon, no way".
Few days later while we were eating out that conversation was brought in again, I notest that me been a virgin kinda bothers him, not sure why, and when I asked he said "you're mexicana, you must have lot of experience, no way you're a virgin, you don't look like one", and that made me feel upset? What does be mexican has to do with it? And how is a virgin suppost to look like?

This guy doesn't believe I'm a virgin?
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