Am I pretty? average? or ugly?

I've catched some guys looking at me. They would walk close to me, and sit near me, but we never talk. They would show that they like me, but I've never seen a guy showing me rejection or treats me badly (which im thankful for but we never actually talk unless it;s important) they never ask for my phone number. If i like someone in class they would like me back i think but they would never come and talk to me? some will be afraid of me.

by the way do guys too get grossed out if a girl likes them? Cuz girls do that a lot. Unless if all guys are into all type of girls then that explains everything :x

I once liked this guy in class and i was starring at his shirt and he kept wearing it everyday! so i dropped from that class cuz he made me feel rlly unconftrbale.
I once was at the gym so i stared at this guy so he started streching near me in a weird way and looked kinda horny hahaha ( i bet he didn't like the way i looked at him?)
im scared that i would make these guys unconfrtable since i don't know if they like me or not...

Am I pretty? average? or ugly?
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