I hooked up with my ex and it was like we were dating?

I hooked up with my ex this past weekend (it was a completely sober decision) after a little bit of communication a few months after our breakup. He came over, we spent the night together talking, then fell asleep. The next day, we woke up and I was hesistant to cuddle, but I slowly started getting closer to him, putting my head on his shoulder then putting my arm around him then my leg, etc. He cuddled back and pulled me closer and eventually we had sex. The sex was amazing. After our first few kisses, we pulled back and smiled and kept smiling the whole time. We were joking around and making each other laugh, teasing each other, and stuff like that during all the sex stuff. He wasn't being selfish at all and spent a lot of time turning me on. It wasn't just all about the sex. Afterwards, we cuddled naked, closer than before. We were acting just like we did when we were a couple, he even brought back up a few inside jokes and stuff we had. We cuddled and talked for 2 hours after having sex before he had to go.

We haven't really talked much since then. I know he is busy but I kind of expected him to talk to me at least a little bit more. He has snapchatted me a few times but that's it. I really want us to hook up again and I also kind of hope we will rekindle our old romance. I can say with 100% confidence that he had a good time. How can I make this happen? Do you think he is thinking about me in the same way?
I hooked up with my ex and it was like we were dating?
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