Im a stripper, should I tell him?

so I've been seeing this guy, nothing serious we just talk a lot and had sex a night out. i just got out of a relationship so i dont want a relationship just some fun with a man i can trust. anyway, i just started stripping and it was supoosed to be a hostess job for a stripclub but then they asked if i wanted to be a dancer and told me how much id make. so i decided to strip. I've worked 3 night and have already made over 1k. thing is he still think im bartending and im worried if i tell him that he'll think im disgusting and judge me.

also im doing this to pay for law school. im currently 3 years into my degree and really need the money. i know stripping isn't the only option to earn money but its easy and fun.
yes, tell him.
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no, don't tell him
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Im a stripper, should I tell him?
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