(GIF/pic) What does male attractiveness look like?

Over on this take https://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/a25976-inner-thoughts-of-a-hot-male -- @pavlove posted a few GIFs and/or pics of (what he sees as) representative images of male attractiveness.

He noted that searching/posting the images made him "uncomfortable" (lol), but he did it anyway.

This made me wonder... I mean, if you ask 5 women what a sexy woman looks like, you'll get at least 6 answers. lmao

So, I'm wondering whether we'll see the same diversity from the boys here.

... Or whether the boys here will even be willing to post anything, for that matter.

Can you find a GIF or pic that represents yr idea of "male attractiveness"?

Girls can answer, too, of course.
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You can also post action shots, if the action is more important than the physical look.
(GIF/pic) What does male attractiveness look like?
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