I'm lusting after my professor, help?

Here's the things, I am currently taking his litho class this semester. Since the first day of class, I can't concentrate when he's teaching, bc I am thinking naughty things. I am ashamed of these feelings (will never act on them) also guilt bc I know he's married. Most importantly, I believe the reason why I am lusting after him is bc he looks eerily similar to my ex boyfriend (who was my first in love, sex, etc) whom I still have strong feelings for. Furthermore, I know my professor and I have chemistry, I can feel it. And there is times when he flirts with me. So, now the question is, how can I stop myself from lusting after him, when I see him everyday?( I just can't seem to takr him out of my mind)
Any suggestions? Did you guys/girls ever lusted on someone, and how did you go about?

P. s I am in a friends with benefits "relationshop" with my friend (so yeah, I am not lacking in my sex life)
I'm lusting after my professor, help?
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