What can I do to make making love more enjoyable for him?

My boyfriend and I have sex often but usually it's just casual sex or "F'ing" as he calls it. So it's pretty straight forward, variety of positions, fast pace, dirty talk, etc. And that is how he prefers it.

I enjoy this too but once in a while I would like to take a different approach and actually make love at a slower pace with a more emotional connection and a little more dialogue than just dirty talk.

A few times I have set a more "romantic" mood for us, well probably more so for me, to try to express what I want to him and from him.

However, I always have to initiate when I want the act to be "loving" because he doesn't or he asks if I want to "F" or "love". Even though he goes along with it when I want to he doesn't seem too invested or interested in "making love". He never finishes when it's done this way, he does not hold much eye contact even when I try to lift his face and make the contact with him he doesn't hold it, and his lack of interest takes away from the enjoyment of it.

I don't want this all the time, everytime, just every now and then. Maybe once every few months. Is there anything I could do to make it more appealing for him? Or is this something I should just let go of since it is not something he is interested in?
What can I do to make making love more enjoyable for him?
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