I have a foot fetish, told my girlfriend, what now?

So I had never had a foot fetish till I met my girlfriend and she started incorporating foot play into our sexual routine, which led to me developing one. For a while I denied it and convinced her why I didn't but she said she didn't mind as long as it was just for her and not too weird.

I even brought it up again a few weeks ago and she said she didn't mind and even liked it. So now I'm wondering what to do? We've only ever done footjob type stuff. Should I just go for it next time we're making love? Like licking, sucking ETC or should I ask her if it's okay first. I really, really like her and don't want to weird her out. It would be awkward to ask but even more awkward to do it and then freak her out.
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Everything is split 100% evenly on what I should do. But I had a talk with her about what was too far or too weird and she said "butt stuff" and any fetishes in general that have to do butt stuff. So I think I'm all clear. I'm gonna go for it, but I'll ease it in. Maybe some full body kissing first. (We've done that before.) Thanks for the help guys!
I have a foot fetish, told my girlfriend, what now?
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