Experiment with a guy?

I'm a regualr here goign anonymous due to the topic being a bit sensitive. My wife and I have been happily married for 5 years and have a healthy sex life. Lately, we have been trying to spice things up a bit in the bedroom trying some new positions, toys etc.

Last weekend she dropped a bit of a bombshell when she told me that she would love to watch me give another guy a blowjob. She said if I was willing to try that she could arrange it (apparently she has a friend at work whose husband would be game), and she said she would walk me through it.

Well, at first I was totally against it, but after thinking about it for a while I have to admit it is a bit intriguing but scary at the same time.

Questions -

Do you think I should please my wife and try and give a blowjob?

If I do get up enough nerve to try it, is giving a blowjob difficult, does it hurt your jaw after a while?

What exactly does a penis taste like - pee? sweat? How about if he cums - what does that taste like and how do you prevent gagging/choking on it?

Thansk for any advice you can provide.
Experiment with a guy?
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