Any advice on Prostate massage?

My girlfriend and i recently bought a prostate massager to go along with our collection of sex toys. I did some reasearch on them and found one that was recomended for beginers. We tried it for the first time the other day. It was a new sensation, it felt good for the most part, but nothing spectacular. I haven't tried it alone yet, in order to find the right spot to focus on. My girlfriend is excited to use it. We have read in a few articles that the prostate is more sensitve than the head of the penis, so it can feel really good when stimulated. It took a while for me to be open to the idea, and not think that it was unmanly to try it, so she is happy that I took a mature attitude towards it and really wants to do anything that makes me feel good.
Does anyone have any expereince with these? Are there any tips on how to get the most pleasure out of it? Should we find the spot and leave it there or move it around/back an forth? I have read that using it by itself, w/o touching your penis creates it own sort of oragsm, has anyone experienced this? Does it make it better when you cum from a bj/sex/hj if you're using it? We want to get the most pleasure out of it as we can, so any tips or advice are welcome.
Any advice on Prostate massage?
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