Guys and Gals I would love your advice on this?


I met my guy on here and I have seen all his old posts about women he finds attractive, he also answered rate me questions. My first meeting encounter with him was through the PMs, I had shown him a pic of me and wanted him to give me an honest answer rate. He rated me a "7". As months went by we grew feelings and eventually became a couple. I asked him again about the rating he gave me, and he told me that he actually viewed me as "9" but he was playing it cool. The reality is that I know what he thinks of me, I have seen the women he finds super attractive and they are off the scale. what makes it worse is that he likes a certain body type which I don't have. He went on and on about how hot it was and said the opposite about women with my body type. Now that he is with me he finds my body attractive when he wasn't keen in the past. I can't take his compliments seriously now, and I feel so wounded when I see famous girls he likes and spoke about on social media. He knows about my insecurities and tells me i am wrong and that i should speak to a therapist about it.
Then we broke up one month because I told him I watched porn (he doesn't want me to watch porn cos he doesn't like the idea of me masturbating to other men) so he went on GaG and started complimenting other women on their rate me questions whilst broken up with me. we only broke up for 24 hours and thats the first thing he did which really hurt me (but i didn't see the posts at the time). But we made up and put the fight behind us. Then two weeks later i asked him whether he went on GaG recently. His response sounded strange to me, he said "yes two weeks ago, but that was when we broke up". So I checked on Gag only to discover he was compllmenting other women and he wanted me to se
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cont: see it. His excuse was that he was retaliating and wasn't proud of it. He also wanted to tell me what he did, since he felt bad but he couldnt tell me so he waited on me to come across it.

he told him that he wasn't proud of what he did and will never do it again.

but i warned him that if he plays with my insecurities again i will walk.

Do you think i did the right thing?

Guys and Gals I would love your advice on this?
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