Girls (and Guys): How do you feel about being anally gaped?

Yeah so I love anal sex, am open minded enough that I will willingly hear the input of bottom guys (actually would like to try it myself one day), and am fascinated by the psychology of sex, so here I am.

So for those of you who have been gaped, how does it make you feel? Does it hurt? Does it feel good? Does it turn you on? And if so physically, psychologically or both? I mean I'm really fascinated by those really wild, dominant girls who love to be in control during sex, but then also love anal (regular bottom, not pegging) and get really turned on by being gaped. I met someone like that.. it's like.. it goes against all their sexual passions, they go from loving being in control to being totally at the mercy of the top, having their ass dominated and controlled by them, showing off the inside of their ass (which for the record is what I love about being the top in this particular avenue of anal sex).

here's another thing I'm interested in though, does it make you feel embarrassed? Or awkward? Especially when it's the first time ever that you've got the top literally staring wide eyed inside your ass.. like you feel really self conscious? Especially if you let off a few farts? I was with one girl who seemed really embarrassed, but I reassured her that I found it insanely hot which I think helped haha.
Girls (and Guys): How do you feel about being anally gaped?
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