My boyfriend is disabled, and I became seriously insecure after meeting him?

My boyfriend is in a wheelchair and is paralyzed from waist down.
Before I met him I was confident, had a lot of guys hitting on me, I've always been fit and slim because I workout a lot and eat healthy, been told I have a very attractive face etc.
My boyfriend is also very handsome and he is so smart and has an amazing personality to the extent that his wheelchair never mattered to me. I was his first girl friend after his accident.
It took 11 months for us to even bring up sex. He told me he didn't bring it up because he wasn't sure either. (he hasn't ejaculated since his accident, and he gets random erections, so masturbation doesn't work for him (plus he has no sensation in his penis))
What makes me really insecure is when I make out with him I always feel like he stops in the middle like he looks away. Also, when we go to bed, he'll pass out most of the time (his disability makes everything twice as hard to do, like it takes him around twenty minutes to change his pants).
But I saw on his computer that he had saved multiple pictures of busty lingerie models. I also saw that he went on instagram to look at certain models with big boobs.
This makes me really insecure because I'm only a B cup.
We talked about this, and he promised he would stop saving them, which he did, but he still goes on regularly to look at other women on the internet.
He is a really sweet guy, always tells me I'm beautiful, would never cheat on me, calls me, introduces me to his friends and family, etc.
But the lack of sex plus his looking at bustier girls makes me feel undesirable and insecure.
Is this my bad? should I just let him go? Is he being a dickhead?

My boyfriend is disabled, and I became seriously insecure after meeting him?
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