Parents caught me in the act? WTF?

Alright , I am normal 20 yo girl and live with my parents , I do watch porn and like to masturbate quite often. I watch porn like every night and masturbate under my blanket. So the other day, we had no current [hence to AC or fan ] so I passed out on blanket but unfortunately forgot to lock the door. So i started watching porn and masturbate , suddenly my parents got to ask me something and walked on me. They literally saw me totally naked and it took me like 15 seconds the react on that. They knew that I was watching something unappropreate and next day i had an embarressing discussion with them. they are really pissed off on me.
Hence to make myself fel better i shared it with my friends. some guy said its fine, his mom had even seen his bare boner , the guy said he has been catch masturbating like 100s of times, also my female friends said that their parents has some clue about them already[but are not caught though],
DANM SERIOUSLY... MY QUESTION IS FOR every fucking person who reads this shit

1.[if you are parent] Do you parents really get pissed off if your child masturbates or watches porn?

2.[if you are a child]Have you been caught? how did you react also how did they react?

3. Also if you guys know anyone who has expirenced this tyype of shit please let me know how did they react or responded right then ,.

Well in my case my dad was kinda angry on me for couple of days but didn't say much.
Whereas my mom screwed me and tried to tell me how bad it is[BULLSHIT]/

I fucking love watching porn and masturbate.
Parents caught me in the act? WTF?
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