Do you think my friends with benefits and his friend raped me?

I was friends with benefits with a guy for awhile but I cut him off because I was tired of his bs. He recently started hitting me up again and apologized so I decided to start hanging out with him again. I went over to him and his roommates place a few times and spent the night and everything was cool. The last time I went there it I brang hard liquor instead of the usual beer I bring and my friends with benefits was pressuring me to drink. I told him I know my limits and don't wanna blackout but he kept making up excuses and saying that I need to get on everyone elses levels (they are guys wtf!) And even his roomate ken was helping by saying "he has a point". One of the last things i remember is my friends with benefits "joking" around to his friend about leaving me with him for an hour but I knew he ment it as alone time so he could smash me then he asked if i thought his roomates were cute and i was like wtf then he even told me to sit between him and his roomate and his roomate was cheesing the entire time. The very last thing i remember is me and my my friends with benefits arguing and i called him out saying "you smashed me while they went to the store" to put him on blast lol. Then i woke up the next day in my friends with benefits bed and he wanted to have morning sex so we did. When i got home i noticed a bruise on my inner thigh and it was hurting. I asked my friends with benefits what happened that night and he said we watched a movie and went to bed then i asked if we had sex and he said "idk". I thought I could trust him.

Do you think my friends with benefits and his friend raped me?
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