I think my boyfriend is into young girls?

2 years ago : (werent dating) found out on new years he hooked up with a girl at a party who happened to be 15 years old at the time, he was 19. We argued about it but he didn't seem to think he did anything wrong. Like I had to keep saying are you even sorry? and what were you thinking? We decided to work through it and but eventually failed because I started to go on dates and spend more time with friends. Ultimately, I just didn't give a f*ck anymore. I wanted to focus on family, work and school.

a couple months later : I really missed him. I thought about everything nd realized I was such an asshole. I wanted to see if a relationship could work now that I was ready too. We met up to talk and he told me he wanted to give us a shot and how he missed me so we decided to take it slow... I saw that he kept getting snapchats and texting this girl but would turn her contact on "Do not Disturb" so there would be no notification, and I found out it was the same girl from the party. I flipped out because now I was super disgusted, not only did he lie but she was a freshman in high school and he was in his second year of college. Also because now we're arguing about the same bs and knew he wasn't sorry.

Present : he wanted me to search up something on his phone because we were trying to find what a word meant for some stupid game at a party and I went on google and hit back to type somehing else and it went back to some porn website but saw he was watching searching young teen porn and now all those thoughts from before about him wanting young girls popped right back in my head again. Him and that 15 year old and him for the second time not being sorry about it.
I think my boyfriend is into young girls?
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