Whats wrong with a race fetish? Yellow, White, Jungle, Salsa Fever?

Ok first of all I want to make a clear distinction between a racial fetish and a racial preference. I am not talking about preferences, I am only talking about fetishes. I feel sometimes people put preferences in the same catagory as a fetish and they are 2 different things.

Anyways I know many people are againts racial fetishes like if a white guy goes around sleeping with Asian women just because they are Asian, or if a black guy goes around sleepign with white women just becuase they are white, or a Asian guy only dating latinas etc.

Now I'm latino and yeah I can see how a racial fetish is objectifying and racist and how its dehuminizing to some extent, and I would probably not want that done to me, But I don't necesarly see whats wrong with it.

Like if 2 consenting adults want to fetishsize eachother for their race, like if a white guy wants this Asian girl for just being Asian and dress her up in hentai school uniforms and if the Asian girl sees the white guy and whorships his blue eyes, blonde hair etc, if they are both consenting adults and if it makes them happy, whats wrong with that?

Same thing if its a black guy and a white girl etc.

Like some people critisize Mark Zulkerberg because he's married to an Asian women and in his dating profile years ago in a dating website, in his interest he had that "he loves Asian women" but if his wife is ok with it, why is that wrong? 2 consenting adults, and how do we know she does not fetishize him also?

What do you think.
Whats wrong with a race fetish? Yellow, White, Jungle, Salsa Fever?
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