Guys, breast implants could ruin my relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now. We are planning to get engaged, there is just one issue. He does not know I have breast implants. I have a small but muscular frame and I used to be flat as a board (as in 30aaa cups, my boobs were the same at age 20 as they were at age 10). His tits are bigger than mine used to be lol.
He has constantly told me he likes natural girls only, and shows disgust if he sees a celeb with fake tits. I am mind-blown as to how he does not realize they are implants, they don't feel like water balloons or rocks, but I suspect they don't feel like natural breast tissue. I still am tiny, only a 32B, it fits my frame perfectly (to quote him). Our sex life is fantastic, and we are very much in love with each other, and committed to each other. I'd hope this issue would not break the relationship, but he is as he says, a fan of "natural girls only." Would this be a deal-breaker?
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Edit: yeah I got them at 20 years old. Tried every natural alternative to make them grow, did not work. Looking back as a more mature person now, I didn't need them. Sure, I look way better now, but I didn't need them.
Guys, breast implants could ruin my relationship?
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