Girlfriend wants to try 'new' things?

So last night we were having sex, afterwards she tells me she would like to try some new things. Confused, I asked her "Like what?" But for some reason she doesn't want to tell me what she wants. I don't understand what is happening, today I got home from work and she rushed me inside and told me she was horny. Alright, back to the bedroom I start taking off my clothes but she stops me and wants me to go to the bathroom with her, so of course I do. I knew what was about to happen, I orignally thought 'Okay she's going for a bj' So I let her get to work, but she stops when my clothes are off and firmly holds my penis. At this point I'm freaking out, but she resured me to calm down. Then she increased her grip which added a bit of pressure, but didn't hurt. Then she said "I want to be in control".

Afterwards she ended up jerking me off, but she said everytime I want to go masterbate I would have to ask for 'permission' first, then she explains she wants to do it for me.

I honestly didn't know this kinky side of her before, what should I do?

Also, I'm asking anonymously because of the nature of the story/question.
Girlfriend wants to try 'new' things?
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