What do you think of today's generation of women?

in today's generation, it is common to see a lot of girls who wears very revealing clothing. most women today thinks that flashing their cleavage, their tits, or posting butt selfies on social media is normal, cool, and in. in fact, some girls really work hard on the gym to get those toned abs to show their skin and work on those bubble butt to post it on social media... in advertisements also, companies are using women's body to sell their products, even if there are no particular relation of women's body about the product.. they are using women's body to manipulate men to buy their products.. but what's even harder is seeing the woman that you like, trying so hard to look sexy to be famous, to be liked by people, by men.. i think that todays generation of women is unacceptable, our society is degrading the image of a woman. we are treating them as toys, something that would just give us pleasure. the bigger the boobs the better.. i'm not saying that i didn't enjoy seeing women walking almost half naked around me. i just think that women should learn how to respect their bodies. to take care of it, and show it only to those who are worthy of it. men who would devote time to court them not because they already saw what they have to offer.. i dont want to think of women just things to get pleasure off. i want to respect them and like them by knowing how good the person they are before liking them because they have great bodies..

forgive my English, it's not my native language.. i just want to know your opinion about this...
What do you think of today's generation of women?
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