Is losing my virginity worth it?

I've tried anal sex out of curiosity and it was terrible.
Prefer girls but raised christian, i know, its messed up.
Only been with girls, and a hand few of people off craigslist and the one anal encounter, i was bottom.
Its been a hard transition getting my feeling back to a wholesome level.
Wondering if I should continue waiting or not.
ps not gay
+1 y
I tried, twice, doing anal sex and doing it fully the second time. Its not what i'm into. I've been with several girls who were well worth my time, with some exclusions but I keep it at kissing, oral and fingering really. Controlling the urge isn't too hard with fear in the back of my head. I face the daily task of telling myself I'm not gay because of my past afflictions but I have been with girls since and it has been like usual. So waiting seems like my option. Just looking for anothers perspec
Is losing my virginity worth it?
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